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Be A Finisher

Every year as I'm writing out my long and short term goals I like to come up with a motto for the year as well. This year its one word...


We've discussed how important setting goals is, but perhaps the biggest part of that process is following through. So much easier said than done, but vital in the process of our personal and professional growth.

Set a goal. And either reach that goal in a set amount of time or set a new, attainable goal to reach. Those should really be your choices. Set yourself up for success by setting goals you can reverse engineer on how to achieve them. So when you set those goals, if you can't see where the finish line is, you're missing the point of doing it in the first place. You should know where the finish line is so you don't just run around looking for it.

After all, we're no longer making a "wish list," we're making a "to do list."

So what does it mean when we say "be a finisher"? First off, it doesn't mean you always win. It means you have the foresight and understanding of when something is working, and when its not. It means you're smart enough to know when to "go for the jugular," and brave enough to try things that might not work. Recognizing what works becomes part of this talent. And when you become a finisher you become someone who people seek out to work with because no matter what happens, you GET RESULTS. That's the person we're striving to be here right? I know I am.

As a songwriter this has been a really hard task for me to get good at. I start writing a song, put the idea down in my phone, and hopefully come back to that idea at some point if its a good one, and finish it. I've got over 1,000 ideas started in my phone, and less than 100 of those ideas "fleshed out". Not a good ratio I gotta admit. So I'm constantly battling how to become a better "finisher" of my songs.

Now a lot of that has to do with I run my own business as a songwriter (not by choice) and I'm a full time husband and father as well. So there's a million more things that I do other than just write songs to keep my business current and family happy. Like writing this blog for instance. :)

Though I don't finish every song I start, what I have learned to do is finish what's needed for my business to move forward. Like anything else, that came with a learning curve. What I've found works great for me, is being what I call HYPER FOCUSED.

What this entails is being good at figuring out your daily priorities. Its easy when we have deadlines, but when you're focused on your own work with no one else to push you but yourself, its essential you figure out what NEEDS to get done to further your goals.

So my suggestion is sitting down in a quiet space each week and writing down what needs done for the week. Figure out what time each day you're going to work on each task. That's where a daily journal or date book can come in handy. I've found it to be truly helpful for myself having one to reference. And you can check off each task as you get it done. By writing it down it helps you stay accountable. Who else is going to hold you to the flame for chasing your dreams if not you? But make sure the things you write down are actually things you know you can get done given the time allotted. This will help tremendously in focusing your time and energy as well as figuring out your priorities for the week. On top of that, it gives you a real sense of achievement when you look at all those tasks "checked off". Its as though you can feel the stone path under your feet on your way to where you want to be.

Weirdly enough, when you start to get good at doing this each week you may notice that finishing things spills over into more of your life. Its helped me focus on time with my son and wife more as I know I have other time being filled by finishing the tasks I set for the week. So it made me more present in the moments with them because I know it can be limited sometimes due to the amount of work I take on. Again, hyper focused.

If I'm being honest with you, which I hope you know I always am, it takes a bit of a maniac to really be successful on your own terms. You really have to become obsessed with the idea that failure is not an option. You're so busy working on how to win that you don't even think about losing because there's no such thing. There is only trying again. So you'll find there's weeks you don't finish all the tasks you set out to do, and guess what? That's OK! Just refocus again and pick back up where you left off. Its being motivated that sometimes you'll find is your biggest enemy. But if you truly have what it takes, you know how to motivate yourself pretty well by now. I hope this is another source to find that motivation.

So lets kick some a$$ this week and be the FINISHERS we were meant to be!

Listening to:

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

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