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The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark

A sleepy haze of doubt rushes through my brain like a fog over a river on a cold winter night. The wind conjures the howling of beasts desperate for the warmth of light. Am I the force I’ve believed to be for so very long? Or am I shadowboxing the dreams of the truly gifted ones?

These are the contents of my mind today. A dark palace. A woeful wishing tree. Sometimes it’s hard to always blindly believe. And I want you all to know that this is part of the journey.

It’s not always pretty. It’s not always fun. There will be days spent searching in the dark. But either you will find the will to wage war on your doubts or you will find your journey is done. There really is no choice you see, the latter will break your heart. But all you have to do is push forward to restart.

There is no way to cry for help. That’s just not how this works.

YOU pick yourself up, YOU dust yourself off, YOU go put in the work.

There is a torch that burns silently inside. You carry it with you in the absence of light. There is no easy way to say this, but that torch will one day die. And it’ll be up to you to build a fire in the deepest, darkest night.

So don’t let the beasts of doubt take you. Don’t let the fear begin. If you let them win once, they'll be back to harvest again and again.. There is a balance we all must achieve, for without fear you’d never know how to believe. Be thankful for every nightmare you're in, because they have taught you how to dream.

So whether your struggle is today or tomorrow, remember we journey on time that is borrowed. The more you let the deep dark in, the shorter the days, the quicker the end.

Call on the light that gave you the spark. You can still shine bright even in the deepest of darks.

Thank you for reading.

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