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The Wishing Game

When I was a kid I wished to be taller but never grew as such

So many toys I wished for often but was never satisfied with much

I wished that I could grow up fast so I could do things on my own

And as a teenager I wished so much the pain would let me go

When I finally left the nest I truly wished that I could fly

And when I fell 100 times I wished I could figure out why

When I found the music and the girl I wished it would never end

And when it all came crashing down I wished to never love again

I wished the job that I took didn’t take so much of my time

I daydreamed about doing what I loved and wished that I could shine

One night I drove to West Virginia alone in my beat up car

Like I had something to find or prove, I wished on an ocean star

So many years I kept on wishing and nothing ever changed

And then along came my wife and son and wishing was never the same

You see wishing is like playing the lottery when you forgot to buy a ticket

You’ll always be disappointed when the outcome is explicit

Now I wish I hadn’t wished so much and spent that time in motion

Life is just a bridge away once you realize that it’s chosen

So one last wish before I go, no strike that, but heed this clue

It takes risks to live the life you deserve, don’t wish anymore, just choose

Please don’t spend another minute wishing your life away. It’s a fool’s game that I’m certainly guilty of playing. But if you’re willing to shed the fear and steer with passion you can achieve whatever it is you want to do.

BE THE CHANGE, don’t wish for it.

Listening to: "Change (in the house of flies)" by Deftones

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