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This One Simple Thing Can Change Your Life

Can you see the big picture of what you call your dream? If so, how clear is that image? If you’re like me at all, you’ve been forced to ask yourself some pretty big questions. One of the biggest ones being, what do you want to do with your life?

Yikes, slow down, I’m not ready yet right?

But you are.

It’s a big question. But once you’re able to answer that, what’s next? A game plan right? Well no good game plan comes without one very big key, setting goals and writing those goals down.

It’s not sexy. It’s not exactly a barrel of fun, but it’s vitally important. The best way to achieve your dreams is doing some reverse engineering. Where is it you want to be versus where you are now. Your starting point and your end point. Draw the map. And that means figuring out those necessary steps in between. If you can’t put together at least most of those steps, you’ll never really know where to focus your time and energy. And that alone can sink your ship.

I’ve personally become so nerdy as to write down my weekly and monthly goals on top of my yearly goals. And I love it because it creates this very clear picture of where I’m going and what to expect in the next steps towards achieving my dreams. Feeling focused and knowing what you’re working towards on a daily basis creates a huge boost in focus and productivity. You know what needs to be done, and you do it. Simple as that. Now why write it down? And that answer is easy, accountability. You now physically have a piece of paper with your “to do list”. If you fail “to do” then you know you’re failing yourself. You have to be big enough to accept that responsibility and hold yourself accountable when you’re not working hard enough. And on the flip side, be quite proud of yourself as you hit and surpass those goals. This process is vital as you grow and move forward towards your dreams.

The best part to me about goal setting is the organization. Ever since I started setting my goals and writing them down it has been so much easier to be present every day in what I have to get done. That focus is priceless.

As you start “checking off” your goals you’ll find that they’ll change as well. And that’s a good thing bc you’ll see those goals become more and more specific and focused. What does that mean? You are on your way to achieving what you set out to do in the first place, make your dreams a reality.

This is a nerdy post, I realize this. 🤓. But in all honesty it’s a very important one. And if you’ve read this far then you probably care about being happy in life and achieving your big dreams as much as I do.

It came down to this for me, work my entire life at something I care nothing about? Or figure out what I’m made of and give it all I’ve got to work doing something I love for the rest of my life? Once I knew I was willing to take that risk, what made it a reality was a plan, and goal setting. Now I’m not there yet I know, but it’s got me knocking on the door, so it’s gotta be worth something.

Identify your dream, set your goals, and smash those goals! By the time you realize how much you’ve achieved, you’ll already be living your dream. Let’s get there together. From one self proclaimed nerd to I’m guessing another, thanks for reading and happy goal setting. 🤓.

Listening to: "Clarity" by Jimmy Eat World

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